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While there are alot of things that make me smile with delight (see previous post), there are just as many things which if I pause and and think seriously about them, will get me pretty depressed. 

I just can't take most rap songs seriously anymore.  I guess in college when we danced to Nelly and Luda out on the dancefloor, the words didn't make me think twice.  I was more interested in dancing to the beats than listening to the words.  

Now that those days are behind me (and I'd rather not think about just how long behind me), I find myself listening to the lyrics in most rap songs (at least hte ones on the radio) and having to switch the radio station.  The lyrics are just so absurd that I can't listen to even one whole verse without bursting out laughing.  And if I think about it seriously and the fact that millions of teenagers listen to this stuff everyday and what this says about our culture, well I just can't go there or worry about the larger societal picture . Instead, I choose to just laugh and shake my head. 

The particular song that I heard the other day that prompted this post was Luda's remix of Robin Thicke's Sex Therapy.  And the line that just had me guffawing (I love that word) in a rather childish manner to be honest was, "Got the banana. Now let me split you."  Now, the whole song is full of these.  And every other rap song (and most R&B songs) I've listened to in the car since then are no different. 

This begs the question, why am I listening to the radio.  And my only reply to that is, it's still a novelty to me and since it's my first or second time hearing these songs, my hand doesn't have the auto switch to switch over to NPR or my iPod just yet.  I'll give it a few more days before I am just sick of the same 10 songs that the US radio stations play over and over and over again and make me feel like I'm in the twilight zone. 

For your listening pleasure. I'm warning you if you let yourself think any deeper about the societal implications, your listening experience will be anything but pleasurable. 

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