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So I've already tested the effects of the cubicle life on my own life and the results aren't pretty.  Chronic back problems to start with.  And now that I've been away from that life, for one reason or another, since the beginning of 2007, I'm really concerned about what it will be like to go back, if I do go back.  Then I came across this article in the NYT by way of this blog, and the idea of a cubicle freaked me out even more.  I agree with what Mark says, we aren't designed to be in chairs all day and we have designed them to fit our anatomy. 

The alternative as I see it however, still involves sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day.  Whether you decide to make your money as an entrepreneur or even day trading, no one can get away from sitting in front of a computer attached to the internet for at least several hour stretches a day.  That is, unless you decide to become a farmer or a tour guide or something like that. 

But working from home or at least having a flexible work situation seems like the best (and only) alternative to me.  One where I can take extended breaks, go for a walk outside, take my time making lunch and at least spend my day moving around.  At the very least I can make my workspace fit my needs, and stand as much as I can as the article suggests.  Taking my 2 minute break for coffee every two hours doesn't exactly qualify for me!

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