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postcard from home

I was an early Onerepublic fan, and immediately fell in love with their first hit song Apologize.  As a cellist, I loved the fact that this band has a cellist as a permanent member and in the song Apologize, the cello is front and center in this piece.   I also love the melodies Onerepublic comes up with, especially the interplay between piano and cello. 

Since I've just recently returned to the US after about a year and a half away, I haven't been as intimately linked to Billboard charts and I happened to miss Onerepublic's latest hit All the right moves.  But since I have also recently been reunited with my cello, it seemed like an appropriate song to post.  The cello part in this song is really beautiful, especially around the 2 minute mark. And the solo at around 3:50.. And the fact that the song ENDS with the cello! Ok, enough of my overhyped cello shout out. Here's the song...

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